Enduro – Ride through the bush on marked trails, through creeks, up hills, over rocks and logs, it is lots of un and like a non-competition ride around the bush with friends.

Motocross – is a closed circuit in a paddock, uaually a lap takes about 1 or 2 minutes to go around the track and may include obstacles like tabletop jumps. This is a group activety and can invlove up to 30 people on the track.

Trials – the bikes are smaller, light weight with no seat, so it is all about balance, the the main obkective is to get through the track without your feet touching the ground.

Enduro/Trail Rides

If racing cross country through tight bush trails and fast open tracks appeals to you, then this is for you.

It’s a case of rider and bike versus the elements, testing their physical endurance across a variety of terrain, events ranging from casual trail rides to Australian Championship events.

Enduro are mostly competition events where the rider and bike versus the elements, testing their physical endurance and stamina for a nominated time. These tracks can be marked through tight timber, open plains, hills, gullies and creeks, creating gruelling environments that test the rider’s ability and endurance.

Trail rides are a more casual style of ridding, tracks are marked similar to enduro however normally not quite as challenging. Trail rides focus on family friendly events catering for all age and level of rider ability.

Trail rides normally have multiple tracks with varying degree of difficulty providing safe and enjoyable environment for riders from beginners to the experienced rider.

Most Enduro and Trail Ride events are held on private property comprising with natural train tracks marked with directional arrows.

Motocross and Trail bikes are suitable for competing in these types of events and in most cases these events are open to registered and non-registered motorcycles.


Unlike most other forms of motorcycle sport, Trial is not racing. It is simply you and your bike pitted against the terrain. Trial is a sport of balance, skill and concentration. One at a time, competitors will ride over an obstacle course of boulders, streams, hill climbs, logs, drop offs, and nearly anything else they can find.

There are classes for everyone. From Juniors of 16 years of age – down to barely walking, through to Veterans from 40 to 70+. There are classes to cover all rider ability levels, with Expert, A, B, C, and Clubman/Novice levels. There are also classes for Masters (35+). Other classes include Sidecar, Post-Classic (twin shock) and Classic.

The Sections

A section is typically a taped out area of natural terrain, incorporating obstacles such as rocks, creeks, mud, tree stumps, etc.


A rider “earns” one point each time he/she puts a foot down (a “dab”). After three points in any one section the rider may continue to dab or stop without incurring any more points. If the rider falls off or stalls the bike with their feet on the ground or if the bike moves backwards they are given five points (a “five”). At the end of each lap the section scores are totalled to give a lap score, and when the rider completes the designated number of laps a total score is tallied. The rider with the lowest score is the winner.

A typical course consists of 8 – 15 sections spread over an area of varied terrain, with riders completing 4 or 5 laps.


  • Entry fee to each trial ($25)
  • You’ll need a “one event” competition licence ($30), or
  • A MA “Restricted National Competition” Licence, or
  • A MA National Competition Licence or
  • A recreation licence

So, with some basic riding gear – helmet, boots, gloves – you could be riding for less than $2000.

The sport of Trial is by far the safest and cheapest form of motor sport. At the same time we doubt you will believe the places a bike can go. So if you’re looking for excitement, take a look at a trial.

For more information on licences visit RiderNet.

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